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Supporting Target Shooting in Wiltshire


Wiltshire County Shooting Association is volunteer run not for profit association.

The WCSA website uses cookies only for two purposes:

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The website does not use any further tracking cookies, e.g. for analytics or linking to social media sites.

When you register on on the website we record your name and email address so that we know who you are and that you are a member or have a legitimate interest in Wiltshire shooting.

Registration on this website does not enter you into any mailing list.

Mailing lists are managed via out secretary, see Contact us (cookies are required to mitigate against spam bots). If you have queries about this site please use the webmaster address, again on the contacts page.

We have not and never will sell your data or pass your data to a third party. If we need to pass your email address to another party due to Association related activity, we will seek your agreement beforehand.