wcsa emblemWiltshire
Supporting Target Shooting in Wiltshire

Regular Club Evenings

Wed and Fri eveningsBox Rifle ClubBox Range.22 TR
Thursday eveningsBox Rifle ClubBox RangeAir Rifle/Pistol
Tuesday eveningsChippenham RPCPatterdown (summer).22 TR
2nd Wed. of month ev.North Wilts RPCMarlborough ATCAny .22 rimfire, 25yrds
Friday eveningsSalisbury RPCEastwell MRR.22 25yrds
Monday evenings 20:00 onwardsSandleaze Minature RCEastwell MRRAny .22 rimfire, 25yrds
Tuesdays 7:30-10:00Shrivenham SBC.22 TR
Some MondaysShrivenham SBC.22 TR
Alternate Thursdays 7:00-10:00Shrivenham SBC.22 TR
Tuesday eveningsTrowbridge RCWestbury Cadet.22 rimfire 25yrds

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